Friday, February 27, 2009

Got Talent?

We are putting together a Christian Talent Agency for Central California and will expand as needs present themselves. Age is not an issue for we see GOD using all ages, genres and styles, so long as GOD is served.

Objectives are to work with local musicians, artists, bands, singers, song and lyric writers, book writers, models and screen play writers.

We offer artist representation and management, artist development, affordable studio musicians to work with singers and songwriters. We offer marketing strategies and venues to showcase your talent, a publishing house, song charting services and studio time at reasonable rates. We focus on spiritual accountability for everyone. We want to see our artists develop in all phases, from physical GOD-given talent to your spiritual growth. We see all our artists as evangelists doing ministry for the Lord and we are there with you backing up your efforts as well.

We are looking for people who run lights and sound or run the sound when the business partner who is normally in charge of sound is performing on bass, to assist in set up and tear downs, cleaning, and cooking should we have events where there are Meet and Greet opportunities as well as for back stage food prep.

We will also be looking for churches and halls for events to showcase talent in the various communities we serve. We will also work as your representative to the record companies (though we may either create our own label or partner with another label), or with writers to the various industries your material needs to be presented to.

The goal is to get the message of JESUS CHRIST and His salvation out into this dying world. Some will tell you end time is near and I believe it is. But like the faithful servant, we need to be watchful and prepared...we need to be about our Father's Business.

Any questions? Call Stan at 209-758-1803 or 209-565-4237.

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